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qPCR – Abalone Dg DNased RNA from yesterday and earlier today

Check Abalone RNA for residual gDNA contamination after DNase treatment. Ran qPCR with H.crach_16s_SYB_F/R primers. Plate layout/PCR set up here.

Results: Still gDNA in virtually every sample! This is totally insane. Will find/design primers that will only amplify gDNA to aid in subsequent analysis…

qPCR – Re-DNased abalone Dg RNA from earlier today

Done to verify removal of gDNA from RNA. Used H.crach_16s_syb_f/r primers. PCR workup/plate layout is here.

Results: Still f’ing gDNA! I’m pretty convinced that this is indeed due to the Ambion kit I’m using being old. Got mixed up with a newer kit, but neither had dates. Mac is going to be running a qPCR later today on DNased RNA that used the other Ambion kit. I will wait until the results of her qPCR to proceed.