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Received Hard Clam Samples from Rutgers

30 gill tissue samples in RNA Later from CA, MA, & MAX each.

30 hemolymph samples (in RNA Later?) from CA, MA, & MAX each.

Presumably these are from the same individuals. Tubes were boxed (a total of 3 boxes), labeled and stored @ -80C.

Here is a note included from Emily with the samples .

RNA Isolation – Hard Clam Tissues Rec’d from Rutgers on 20100820

RNA was isolated from the following samples using TriReagent, according to protocol:

MAX 1, 2, & 3

CA 1, 2, & 3

MA 1, 2, & 3

Samples were resuspended in 50uL of 0.1% DEPC-H2O and spec’d:


260/280 ratios are decent for most of the samples, with MAX1 and MAX 2 being the exception. Both of these samples also have very poor 260/230 ratios. Out of curiosity, I will EtOH precipitate all samples to see if I can improve both the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios.

Package – Hard Clam Samples from Rutgers

Rec’d package of hard clam samples from Emily @ Rutgers on wet ice. Package contained numerous 1.5mL snap cap tubes separated in to groups in zip lock bags. Stored temporarily @ 4C. Will catalog and then store @ -80C.

Three documents included with package:

Note from Emily

Sample info, pg. #1

Sample info, pg. #2

Samples Received – Hard Clam samples from Rutgers and MBL

 *Important Note: These were received while I was out of lab. This notebook entry was added 20101021*

Received sets of gill tissue and hemolymph in RNA Later from Rutgers (Emily). Here’s the note that was included with the samples.

Received set of gill tissue in RNA Later MBL (Scott Lindell).

All samples were stored @ -80C.

Package – Hard Clam gill tissue/hemolymph in RNA later

Rec’d package from Rutgers (Emily Pearson) containing two large Ziplock bags on “wet” ice, each of those containing smaller bags with sample tubes in them. One large bag contains gill tissue samples and the other large bag contains hemolymph samples. Samples will temporarily be stored @ 4C until they can be catalogued and boxed by Lexie later today.

Hard Clams – Shipment from Rutgers

Received Hard Clam gill samples on “wet ice” in RNA Later from Rutgers. Samples were collected on 11/4/09 (clams held in refrigerator) and preserved (gill tissue collected) on 11/9/09 according to the paper included with the samples. Samples will be stored @ -80C until we are ready to process.