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Prelimary Work on the Comanche Harvester Ant Colony Distribution

Here are two posters which summarize preliminary work on the distribution of nests of the Comanche harvester ant  (Pogonomyrmex comanche) in the Fort Worth Nature Center, Fort Worth Texas. The nests were located visually by walking through the habitat and locating nests and following foragers back to nests. Nests were then flagged and GIS coordinates recorded. Environmental variables, geospatial data, and co-occurring ant species (Forelius and Trachymyrmex turrifex) were also evaluated.

I am currently working through 5 years of this kind of data for my final dissertation project. In the  final project, I also have nest locations for a population in the Southwest Nature Preserve in Arlington, Texas.

From 2010: Nest Distribution of the Comanche Harvester Ant


From 2012: Tracking the Comanche Harvester Ant