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Prairies in a Changing World: State of the Prairie Conference 2014

Conferene poster

The Native Prairies Association of Texas (and the Coastal Prairie Partnership) had their annual meeting in Fort Worth at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden from May 29 – May 31, 2014.  I was invited to present my research on ants in the prairies of the Fort Worth Nature Center in Fort Worth and the Southwest Nature Preserve in Arlington, Texas.

I also attended most of the meeting and gained a lot from the presentations I attended and especially from hobnobbing with other attendees.

**I want to pass on that Native American Seed is producing a seed mix especially to attract native bees which will be available this fall. Here’s the link to this Seed Source.

Here is the agenda for May 30 and May 31, following which I post my notes on the few talks I was able to attend with some comments and finally my presentation and extensive notes on the slides.

May 30 Agenda

State of the Prairie Agenda for May 30

May 31 Agenda

State of the Prairie Agenda for May 31

My Notes and Comments

State of the Prairie Conference Notes

Demonstration Prairie 5

The Demonstration Prairie at the Fort Worth Nature Center (photo above)

I presented my research on the ant species I have found in 17 sites at the Fort Worth Nature Center and what this means for 1) the possibility of using ants as bioindicators and 2) for the ecology of the Cross Timbers Ecoregion.

“Jills of All Trades: Ant Diversity and Flexibility in the Cross Timbers Ecoregion”

Here are my notes. In these notes I include quite a bit more than I was able to cover, in part, so that if you did not attend, you can follow the slides. If you have questions, message me.

Jills of all Trades_Presentation Notes

And finally, I mention a 10 minute digital recording I made of the Comanche harvester ant “remodeling” a ground bee nest that was too close to the ant nest. Here is a the video: