• Brian Glanz posted an update in the group Ecology of Infectious Marine Diseases [course] 5 years, 4 months ago

    @steven-roberts @lisa-crosson I like how you’ve added tweets and a view per author to the course notebook. Been thinking how to display ~300 entries. One idea is a home page, that instead of showing the most recent 10 has something like an intro paragraph then links to the latest few entries per author, each in its own widget. If you went the home page route, it could be two columns that work like sidebars, so you can move widgets around at will.

    • Yep I went back and forth on how to set up home- static versus recent posts. I guess I could not figure out how to get widgets in static page, and single paragraph was a little boring.

      • I’ll cook up an example, widgetful home page in the notebook tonight and send you a link.

      • Well @steven-roberts it took longer than expected, but I’ve put together and if you like that as a home page, go to Settings, Reading, and make the Front page ‘#209 (no title)’, and the Posts page ‘Notebooks’. Anyone who prefers the old view can still, then get it by clicking Notebooks in your current menu.

        A few notes: 1) you’ve a lot of mobile traffic, so my design is geared to that 2) this design reduces the scroll on the home page, while displaying more content 3) Edit the top line of text via the one page with no title. In this case, having no title makes for better formatting and the title is really the title of the entire notebook so that works 4) The rest is widgets, edit those via the sidebars ‘First Front Page Widget Area’ and ‘Second Front Page Widget Area’. One more longer note:

        5) I was installing a slideshow feature for your crazy good photos, when your crazy good videos started rolling in. So I used it for videos instead, but now anyone can make a slideshow in this main notebook, full of photos or videos. This might be useful in any one notebook entry or otherwise. Slideshows are their own thing, have their own menu item in the dashboard. You make one, then insert it with the new Insert Slideshow button in the editor.

        I hope this does justice to the gorgeous work you’re all doing! BG

        • Holy moly! That is perfect- thanks for putting that together, I have made that the home page accordingly. The whole platform is great and really getting students thinking about open notebook science. Thanks again!

          • I started on the one idea, then it snowballed a little into the weekend. You guys really deserve something tailored to your great content.