Morgan Eisenlord

  • A few have been asking about the Pycnopodia coelomocyte transcriptome we will be examining in week 3. @morgan-eisenlord can provide some more details (as she did the exposures) but this represents 6 individuals – three exposed to 0.2 filter homegenate from sick stars and three exposed to 0.2 filtered heat-killed homegenate from sick stars …[Read more]

    • Thanks Steven! I will post a write up of the experiment when I get a chance. It will be done before we start on this data set.

      • The exposed stars were all in early disease stages. The control stars remained healthy. I will include photos for each star on the day samples were taken. We also ran qPCR on samples taken at the same time from these animals, as well as EM and histology.

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    We fixed it : ) you can upload photos and other files again. Pinging @sarah-gignoux-wolfsohn @ruth-mauntz and @morgan-eisenlord who ran into this error, possibly others did as well.

    The course notebook had run out of server space. By default, new notebooks get half a GB. We now increased your space tenfold, to 5 GB, but you might reconsider how…[Read more]

    • @ons thanks for increasing our space. I deleted all the videos and we will host those on youtube etc. going forward.