• ONS Network Support posted an update in the group ONS Network Support 4 years, 11 months ago

    We are working to significantly improve our search engine, to use technology from Google. The new search will find content both from within this network and from federated open notebooks — those that are hosted elsewhere and archived here. Our new search will also better find results within all public parts of this network, such as discussion groups and member profiles.

    We plan to turn on the new, better search between 9th and 10th August. The ONS Network began with WordPress search, and upgraded in June 2014 to an improved index that included locally archived but externally hosted notebooks. This next upgrade will allow us to include indices of any domain of our choosing and other resources, for a much improved, curated and federated search of open notebooks.

    • We have switched to the new search engine. The results are much higher quality, but the user interface still needs work.

      Our options at this point were 1) do not use the new search engine 2) use it in a way that it will not work on many mobile phone and tablets, but will look great on laptops and desktops 3) use it in a way that works for all devices, but does not look great. We chose the latter, because results are much improved and the user interface is workable.

      In the future, we will improve how results are displayed by giving them a dedicated page. We will continue to ensure things work on all devices.