• ONS Network Support posted an update in the group ONS Network Support 4 years, 9 months ago

    We’ve installed many upgrades today and will continue improving things during this weekend’s sprint. Ping @onscience on Twitter if you want to join in. The upgrades today have in some cases been slow-cooking for a month or two, we’re glad to finally get some of them out there. Changes include:

    better detection of fake IPs
    added column sorting in the web version of the spam comments overview
    sped things up with code refactoring around the use of REQUEST_URI
    Google Analytics integration
    fixed a bug where 404 tracking would not work when using ga.js tracking
    added code to return user to main settings page after settings save
    added a filter wp_nav_menu to enable tracking outbound links from the menu
    added a filter wp_list_bookmarks to enable tracking for blogroll widgets
    fixed a possible JavaScript conflict within the tracking code
    added translations for Finnish, Dutch, and Russian
    fixed a bug where for some users, translations were loaded several times
    fixed a bug where links without the href attribute caused the tracking code to be incorrectly loaded
    fixes a conflict with the popular Fancybox code
    wp-cron for file checking will run daily instead of hourly
    php_gid is now always defined to prevent error message if the function is not usable (had not yet occurred)
    improved link to malware scanning logs
    file change will no longer show false positives with change in DST, as it had for some users
    more time/date information is now shown in the logs for file change scanning
    a few changes we are not publishing, because security!
    added LINE icon (thanks tokyodev)
    added Mixi icon
    added Hacker News icon
    updated Twitter icon
    updated CSS for share counters
    share counters are now in the same style for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit
    fixed issue with shared titles containing unwanted HTML tags caused by some themes
    updated CSS to fix Facebook Like button verical aligment caused by Facebook’s inline styling change
    added and updated more language files for the DataTables library
    updated several translations (Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian)
    updated external libraries (CodeMirror, DataTables, Build tools)
    extended unit tests for the plugin and some external libraries
    tables are now stored with extra information about the format, so that other plugins are less likely to break it
    HTML export now creates valid HTML files
    “Insert Link” dialog in the “Advanced Editor” now works
    added support for the integrated WordPress importer/exporter
    added support for the new Media Manager when inserting images
    updated the Spanish translation
    some properties in Custom CSS code had been erroneously removed
    Zotero integration
    updated add account form labels
    fixed image table issue that caused collection and/or item display bugs
    fixed in-text citation display for no authors and no dates
    fixed in-text bibliography sorting errors
    fixed zp_get_year warning messages
    fixed widget display issues for new posts for some users (rare)
    added “nick” version of “nickname” attribute to in-text shortcode
    sort attribute now understands most common date formats
    author attribute is now strict, e.g. “Gret” will not return “Gretel.”
    fixed minor sort error for in-text bibliographies