• Sam White posted an update in the group ONS Network Support 4 years, 1 month ago

    Search improvements?

    Hi! The search is now functional, which is great; thanks! However, I have a couple of additional requests. I know, they never end.

    – Search results in side bar. The space for the search results is far too constrained and makes it extremely difficult to identify the post(s) that the user’s actually searching for. It’d be much better if the search results were fully displayed on the page so that the user can read the full post title(s) and/or read more of the post contents.

    – Search result sorting. Currently, I can’t figure out how the results are sorted, but I do know that it is not by date. My personal preference would be sorted chronologically, newest to oldest. However, I certainly realize the sorting method will vary greatly from user to user. Even better would be to “promote” the search results from the tags list (the tage list that’s normally only viewable in the Dashboard) to the top, then sort posts that the search identifies chronologically below.

    – Display more than 10 results. Combined with the constrained space that the search results are displayed in and the fact that matches aren’t displayed in chronological order, only displaying 10 results on the page makes it extremely tedious (bordering on impossible) to try to sift through dozens of search results to find the correct one.

    As always, thanks for the hard work on this!