• Steven Roberts posted an update in the group ONS Network Support 4 years, 4 months ago

    What is the recommend way to backup notebooks this site? Something automated and easily rendered offline would be ideal.


    • Hello Prof, we are now going to test and recommend a best practice for individual, offline friendly notebook backups this weekend, 21-22 March. Surprisingly perhaps, no one has previously requested this feature. Everything here is backed up on a rolling basis, and the maximum time a full backup has ever taken is close to two hours. Of course that does not satisfy your request — just a general note on our system wide backups. We are optimistic about satisfying the request this weekend, at a cursory look about there are several existing solutions for the problem and we’ll just be testing and recommending the best.

    • Hello again, a few updates: Your best option now is to go to Tools, Export on the back end and select “All content,” which will get you a file you can then import into an offline version of WordPress. Providing you with a better option was the focus of this weekend’s sprint, and at this time, a network admin can now generate a notebook-specific backup at any time. Previously, only network-wide backups were generated and only automatically. We can also schedule regular notebook-specific backups to a directory you can access. However, the ability to generate these backups cannot currently be shared with notebook administrators due to incomplete security-related work. Continuing this work will be the focus of our next sprint, 28-29 March. Thank you for your patience, and let us know if you try the current Export options or rendering that exported data offline.

      • Any chance that you could add a plug-in to allow for HTML exports? This would be far easier for offline rendering because the user would only need a web browser to view the notebook file, instead of an offline installation of WordPress (it’s unlikely that people have a WordPress install on their computers).

    • Just updating, we’ve begun to use wget to download HTML versions of our notebooks. This accomplishes two things:

      1. Can be automated on our end.

      2. Provides HTML that allows us to view the site offline, w/o a need for a local WordPress install to handle the XML exports offered by the WordPress notebooks.