Opening oysters – 10/22/2015

Fidalgo Bay 2SN population – Oysters #15 – 20

Fidalgo Bay 2SN population – Oyster #21

Took out 7 oysters from Fidalgo Bay population for DNA extraction.

I collected gill tissue from oysters #15 – 21 for DNA extraction (Oyster #17 was dead.).

Gill tissues of all oyster were collected in MBL 1 buffer and proteinase K for DNA isolation by  mollusc kit.

Placed all the tubes with gill tissues in 37 C for overnight.

Viscera with digestive glands and gonads, etc. were dissected and discarded to prevent decomposition of rest of body by enzymes. Rest of the body of each oyster was stored in 10X RNAlater solution by weight.

Weighed and recorded following for each oyster:

1) Complete organism

2) Gill tissue collected

3) Body parts collected for storage (excluding viscera)

4) Empty shells