DNA Extraction 11/13/15

The six oyster DNA samples ( #76 – 81) incubated at 60 degree for an hour. Samples were previously stored at -80 degrees.

We tried some steps to increase the yield:

1) Centrifuge the sample before adding isopropylalcohol to settle down the tissue. Take only the liquid for rest of the protocol – Didn’t work since tissue and liquid did not separate.

2) Add 200 uL ML1 to sample before adding isopropyl and before centrifuge. – Didn’t work very well 

3) Add 200 uL ML1 buffer after adding isopropyl and centrifuge. Centrifuge again – Worked

DNA was extracted from them using the mollusc DNA extraction kit. None of the optional steps were performed.

Later the samples were stored in refrigerator in box ‘Oly gDNA Oly Reciprocal Transplant Final Sampling Box 1’.