Monthly Archives: April, 2016

  • Data Science class – Project Report

    I took BIOL 419: Data Science for Biologists in Winter 2016. My project group used Jake Heare’s data from for final project. We used various classifiers and visualization to analyze the data. This is the link to final project report:

  • Analyzing fastq files

    Created another iPython notebook ‘BSMAP-v1′ Used program bsmp-2.74 to compare the files with template genome to observe the methylation pattern. -a is query file -d is reference sequence file (In ‘halfshell’ on OWL) -o is output alignment file (Saved in ‘analyses’ folder in ‘Mrunmayee’ (OWL server)) Others used for creating methratio_out_{i}_b.txt files: -u = report »more