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  • Data Science class – Project Report

    I took BIOL 419: Data Science for Biologists in Winter 2016. My project group used Jake Heare’s data from for final project. We used various classifiers and visualization to analyze the data. This is the link to final project report:

  • using IPython and command line

    Trying to open and work with notebook and command line by myself turned out to be more difficult than I thought. All the commands and code I used on Wednesday and Friday: Type ‘cd <drag the directory> ipython’ to select that as a directory in command line To open the notebook ‘ipython notebook’ in command »more

  • Opening oysters – 10/22/2015

    Took out 7 oysters from Fidalgo Bay population for DNA extraction. I collected gill tissue from oysters #15 – 21 for DNA extraction (Oyster #17 was dead.). Gill tissues of all oyster were collected in MBL 1 buffer and proteinase K for DNA isolation by  mollusc kit. Placed all the tubes with gill tissues in »more