Towards open science at Beam Reach

Herein begins my first open science notebook.  Inspired by my friend, Eli Holmes, who shared her open notebook during the recent Federal furlough, I started reading about open notebooks and decided that maintaining one would fit into my on-going efforts to refine and open my scientific workflow.

As 2013 ends I’ll be working on three projects.  Collaborating with Val Veirs and Jason Wood, I will finish a paper on the underwater noise made by ships within the summer habitat of southern resident killer whales.  I will daft a synopsis of sound (noise and signals) in the Salish Sea for the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound.  And I will wrap up a salmon tracking project in the San Juan Islands that was organized by Tom Quinn (UW) and Kurt Fresh (NOAA/NWFSC) with Anna Kagley and others.  These projects will supplement the teaching and research (wiki) and blogging I conduct through my non-profit, the Beam Reach Marine Science and Sustainability School.

Along the way, I expect to continue exploring tools that boost my scientific productivity and support my long-term goal of opening science.  I am writing in Open Office and maintaining my references, bookmarks, and notes with Zotero, while keeping an eye on tools like ShareLaTeX.  I use GMT to make maps and we are using R to generate figures for the ship source level paper.  While surveying our open access publication options, we are watching the release of Libre (this November!?) in the hopes of engaging its open peer-review process.