Behind paywall; didn’t read

Just stumbled upon a new “word” in the Urban Dictionary that I plan to use often in this notebook and beyond.  It’s a daily experience for me to get news of a new science article — via email lists like MarMam or in a Tweet from a colleague — only to click on the link and run into a $20-40 paywall.  I usually scan the abstract, add the doc in Zotero, and tag it with “ref2get” so that when I’m next on the University of Washington campus I can download the PDF.

Since I work in my home office most days, it typically takes from 2-4 weeks before I manage to access the PDF.  Now, in that interim period, I can simplify any response I might have made if the article had been open-access by simply typing —


It’s really an acronym for “behind paywall; didn’t read.”  I’m particularly looking forward to using it in face-to-face conversations with colleagues who still published in closed-access journals or in audience discussions at the next ASA conference.  I predict it will become the openscientist’s version of my kids’ favorite finger symbol: W(hatever)! Whatever