Refining ship noise paper & figures

Working through figures that Val generated in PDX while we are both back in Seattle (12-6pm).  Trying to get figures updated with latest data set (northbound only, as our spreading experiment only extended into northbound lanes).

For comparison with our passenger vessel class, we digitized a few plots from (Kipple, 2002) and (Kipple, Kollars, 2004). Then we put the ship source spectral data in a Google spreadsheet.

Learned you can insert an OLE object into LibreOffice document, including a spreadsheet (linked if you like), or a chart.  Managing tables is a pain in LibreOffice, especially adjusting the column width.

Also learned that there is a serious LibO bug related to caching images in documents.  It probably explains why I was experiencing horrendous lags and jumps when trying to scroll through the figure section of the ship source level paper.  It seems to have helped to bump up all memory allocations by about an order of magnitude in the LibO Preferences.


Kipple, B. (2002). Southeast Alaska Cruise Ship Underwater Acoustic Noise (Technical Report No. NSWCCD-71-TR-2002/574) (p. 92). Naval Surface Warfare Center – Detachment Bremerton. Retrieved from
Kipple, B., & Kollars, R. (2004). Volendam Underwater Acoustic Levels (Technical Report) (p. 7). Naval Surface Warfare Center – Detachment Bremerton.