PCR – RA Primers on LCM DNA (from 20110413) and Clean Genomiphi DNA (from earlier today)

Ran PCR in exactly the same fashion as 20110428 to assess whether or not the clean up procedure improved our ability to perform a successful PCR on the Genomphi’d DNA. Master mix calcs are here.


From left to right:

Lane 1 – Hyperladder I (Bioline)

Lane 2 – LCM DNA Classic

Lane 3 – LCM DNA New

Lane 4 – Genomiphi Clean Classic

Lane 5 – Genomiphi Clean New

Lane 6 – Pos. Control

Lane 7 – NTC

Unfortunately, the clean up procedure didn’t resolve the lack of amplification issue that we’re seeing in the Genomiphi’d samples. Since we’ve started the process of enriching for rickettsia from abalone tissue, I’m not going to worry about further analysis of why the Genomiphi’d samples don’t work in PCR. Hopefully the enrichment procedure for rickettsia will yield significant amounts of bug to provide us with workable quantities of DNA.

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