DNA Extraction – Abalone Water Filters from Summer 2010

Extracted DNA from water filters collected during Summer 2010 from various locations using the DNeasy Kit. Based on extraction methodology tests (see 20111221), filter were each cut into ~13 strips and placed in a 1.5mL snap cap tube containing 400uL of Buffer AL and 50uL of Proteinase K. The volumes of both reagents are double the kit recommendation. Samples were vortexed thoroughly and incubated at 56C O/N. After incubation, 400uL (twice the volume in the Qiagen protocol) of 100% EtOH was added to each tube and vortexed thoroughly. The kit protocol was followed for the remainder of the procedure. Samples were eluted with 100uL of Buffer AE and stored @ 4C. Spreadsheet indicating which samples were extracted is here.

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