RNA Isolation – Post-Esophagus Tissue from 20120525

Isolated RNA from the fractions collected on 20120525 during the differential centrifugation procedure: Gradient Top, Gradient Junk, Gradient Bottom, Hot PE Pellet, 12:6-1 (Control PE). Samples were isolated with in 1mL TriReagent according to protocol. Samples were resuspended in 0.1% DEPC-H2O, spec’d on the Roberts’ Lab NanoDrop1000 and stored @ -80C.


The second “Gradient Junk” sample on the spec results above is actually the control 12:6-1 sample.

Overall, the sample quality (based on the OD260/280) looks poor. However, this is NOT uncommon for this tissue type (PE gland) from abalone. Yields from the control sample (12:6-1) and the Hot PE Pellet are excellent. The yields from the gradient samples are low and won’t provide enough sample for high-throughput sequencing (for which this procedure was performed). Will discuss with Steven, Carolyn and Lisa for how we want to proceed.

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