qPCR – RLP Plasmid Curve Comparison: Lisa vs. Sam

Performed qPCR on dilutions from the p16RK3-A NcoI linearized plasmid prep from 20120419. Lisa used the stock p16RK3-A NcoI linearized plasmid prep from 20120412 to make her own set of dilutions. Both of us will run these samples on the same plate and will use the Stratagene MX3005P, NOT the BioRad CFX96.

The rational is that this plasmid prep should contain the correct insert and we will see if the problems I’ve been experiencing with qPCR of all these RLP curves is due to something I’m doing or if the lab has just been cursed. Additionally, performing the qPCRs on the Stratagene will also rule out any effect(s) that the BioRad machine might be having on the data (although, the BioRad being screwed up is very unlikely).

Master mix calcs for my reactions are here. All samples were run in duplicate. Plate layout, cycling params, etc.


qPCR Data File (MX Pro; Requires MX Pro v 4.10)

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