Bacterial Cultures – Withering Syndrome Clones

Inoculated 5mL of LB + Amp (100ug/mL) in 50mL conicals with one of the following Withering Syndrome clones frozen stocks (located in -80C box called “WS RLP Plasmids”):

  • PWC8 WFS-RLP pCRII (from 4/13/01)
  • p16RK3 rickettsial 16s rDNA pCR2.1 TOPO (from 4/2/98)
  • p16RK7 rickettsial 16s rDNA pCR2.1 TOPO (from 4/2/98)
  • p18RK7 WFS-RLP rDNA pCR2.1 (from 4/15/01)

Incubated O/N, 37C, 200RPM. Will isolate plasmid DNA tomorrow.

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