Histology – Fixed Oyster Larvae Embedded in Agar

Oyster larvae were received 5/19/2014 in Davidson’s fixative. There were three different groups (A, B, and C), with each group consisting of 5 different tubes. Confirmed with Hamdi that the tubes in each group were just replicate sample collections from the same exact population of oyster larvae.

Made a 4% agar solution in distilled H2O and cooled to 56C.

Transferred 1mL of larvae in Davidson’s fixative from a single tube in each group to their own separate weigh boats. Weigh boats were angled to help pool the larvae solution. Mixed the larvae with an equal volume of 4% agar solution. Allowed mix to solidify. Transferred to the appropriate cassettes (labelled A, B, and C) with a sponge and stored in freshly made Davidson’s fixative solution.

Here’s an image of the interior box lid that explains what the A, B, and C group labelling means:

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