DNA Quanting – Black Abalone Digestive Gland DNA

Quantified gDNA from the following samples in preparation for high-throughput sequencing by Stan Langevin’s group. Quantification was done using Pico Green, Tecan plate reader and Magellan 6 software. The r^2 value of the standard curve was 0.9986 and replicates showed little variation.

Concentrations below are the mean of three replicates and are in ng/uL.

  • 06:5-28 – 42.4
  • 06:6-41 – 60.3
  • 06:6-44 – 57.1
  • 06:6-53 – 72.1
  • 06:6-54 – 40.1
  • 06:6-55 – 40.5
  • 06:6-66 – 40.6

Stan Langevin has requested at least 50ng of DNA from each sample. I will aliquot ~100ng of each sample into individual tubes. He will be picking up aliquots tomorrow morning for sequencing on the MiSeq (Illumina).

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