Cloning – Purified Clam RLO PCR

Purified PCR product (universal ehrlichia primers) from 20150219 was used for cloning.

Purified PCR volume: 57μL

Purified PCR amount: 75ng (estimated from ladder on gel)

Purified PCR conc: 1.3ng/μL (calculated from numbers above)

The PCR product was ligated using the TA Cloning Kit (Invitrogen).


Ligation reaction:

  • PCR product: 4μL
  • 10x Buffer: 1μL
  • Vector (pCR2.1): 2μL
  • Water: 1μL
  • T4 Ligase: 1μL

Incubate O/N (~18hrs) @ 14C.

Lysogeny broth (LB) plates were made: (100mL of 1x LB) containing 1.5% agar (1.5g), autoclaved, cooled, 500μL of 20mg/mL ampicillin added (50μg/mL final concentration), mixed, and poured.


40μL of X-gal (40mg/mL) was added to a LB-Amp50 plate, spread and warmed @ 37C.

A vial of OneShot TOP 10 chemically competent cells (Invitrogen) were thawed on ice. 5μL of the ligation reaction was added to the cells, gently mixed and incubated on ice for 5mins. The vial was heat shocked @ 42C for 30s and immediately transferred to ice. The vial of cells was transferred to the LB-Amp50+X-gal plate, spread and incubated O/N at 37C.


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