PCR – Ireland Clam RLO DNA S/6/14 #19

This is an exact repeat of the PCR from yesterday, but with a brand new vial of Apex Red Master Mix, in an attempt to eliminate the contamination previously seen in the NTCs.


Ladder: Hyperladder I (Bioline)

Well, for some reason there are still bands in the NTCs. However, they appear to be of different sizes than the bands in the clam DNA samples. I think they’re OK to use and the cloning/sequencing is cheap enough these days, that I’ll just get these sequenced and see what we have.

I excised each of the bands in the clam DNA samples (16s = ~2000bp; EUB = ~2100bp) and purified them using Ultrafree-DA spin columns (Millipore) in preparation for cloning.

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