Sanger Sequencing Submission – pCR2.1/Clam RLO clones

After the previous round of sequencing analysis, decided to sequence a couple of additional clones from each of the three groups: 16s, EHR, EUB. Submitted ~500ng (3μL) of clones #2 & #3 (C2 & C3) from each group to GENEWIZ for Sanger sequencing (Order #: 10-291940235). Each clone was sequenced from each direction with M13F (-21) and M13R primers for a total of 12 sequencing reactions:

  1. SW01 16s_C2_01-M13F(-21)
  2. SW02 16s_C2_02-M13R
  3. SW03 16s_C3_01-M13F(-21)
  4. SW04 16s_C3_02-M13R
  5. SW05 EHR_C2_01-M13F(-21)
  6. SW06 EHR_C2_02-M13R
  7. SW07 EHR_C3_01-M13F(-21)
  8. SW08 EHR_C3_02-M13R
  9. SW09 EUB_C2_01-M13F(-21)
  10. SW10 EUB_C2_02-M13R
  11. SW11 EUB_C3_01-M13F(-21)
  12. SW12 EUB_C3_02-M13R

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