Samples for Abalone Withering Syndrome ddPCR

I selected the following samples (Ab Endo 2011 Water Filter DNA samples) to send to Alice Nguyen at the Marine Science Institute for digital droplet PCR (ddPCR):

  1. CI SRI CP 1A (0 copies)
  2. CI SRI CP 2B (highest)
  3. CI SRI CP 2A (0 copies)
  4. CI SRI CP 1B (high)
  5. CARMEL +500M 1 (medium)
  6. CARMEL +500M 2 (low)

10μL of each sample was sent. Tubes were labelled with “DNA #”. The ‘#’ corresponds to the number in the list above.

10μL of each of p18RK7 qPCR standards (from 20120730) were sent.

Two sets of WSN1 F/R working stocks (10μM) were also sent.

Also sent the QX200 Droplet Generation Oil for EvaGreen Kit (BioRad) that we ordered.

Shipment was on “wet” ice.

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