Abalone Sampling – Post-esophageal & Digestive Gland Tissues

Ava sent up abalone for sampling from California for tissue sampling. Here’s the summary of how things went.

  • Animal temps @ -8.0C when opened at lab
  •  ~120 animals sampled
  •  Only 1 dead animal found- Additional dead abalone included in shipment were NOT sampled; too dead
  • Started @ ~11AM, finished at 5:15PM (3 people dissecting, 1 person weighing)
  • All mesh bags were saved and are in a 10% bleach solution over night in sink in 236
  • Histo cassettes put in Davidson’s over night; need to be transferred to 70% EtOH tomorrow
  • Histo cassette layout: animal #1 upper left, animal #2 upper right, animal #3 lower left
  • Tubes for 15:9 sampling have labels applied
  • Histo cassettes for 15:9 sampling have NOT been labelled
  • Empty shells have been labelled and saved; will need to be weighed/measured later



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