PCR – New Withering Syndrome Phage ISH Primers

Ran a PCR using the new ISH primers that I previously designed:

  • RLOv_tail_fiber_gene
  • RLOv_membrane_gene_1
  • RLOv_membrane_gene_2

Template DNA was black abalone DNA (from digestive gland [Dg]): 06:6-54 (from 4/9/2008)

Negative control DNA: UW08:22-11A (from 3/5/2007)

No template controls (NTCs) were also run.

All samples were run in duplicate, in 0.5mL PCR tubes.


Master mix calcs

Template 1 NA
2x Apex Red Master Mix 12.5 82.5
Primer Forward 0.5 3.3
Primer Reverse 0.5 3.3
H2O 11.5 75.9
TOTAL 25 Add 24μL to each tube


Cycling Params (PTC-200; MJ Research)

Initial Denaturation
  • 95
  • 600
40 Cycles
  • 95
  • 55
  • 72
  • 15
  • 15
  • 30


Samples were held O/N at 4C. Will run on gel tomorrow.

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