Troubleshooting – Lab Computers

Surprisingly, we had two computers go down today:

  • My office computer (Dell Optiplex 960)
  • Microscope computer (Dell Optiplex GX620)

My office computer was showing the Dell error code indicating a memory (RAM) failure. I removed both sticks of RAM and re-installed one stick at a time in each of the four available slots in an attempt to identify which of the two sticks is bad. The computer failed to start with either of the sticks in any of the slots. Have ordered replacement RAM (DDR2  PC2-6400).

Apparently the microscope computer has been down for at least a week, but no one told me. Checked it out and the computer won’t power on. Additionally, it doesn’t generate any power at all, evidenced by the fact that no error code is displayed. Tried different outlets and different power cords to no avail. Likely a bad power supply. Have ordered a replacement.

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