qPCR – RLOv DNA Helicase Assay Limit of Detection

Continuing RLOv DNA Helicase qPCR assay validation.

This is the third of three plates to establish the assay’s limit of detection.

The first plate was run 20160121.

The second plate was run 20160122.

The limit of detection assessment is conducted in the following fashion:

  • Three plates of qPCRs; each plate run on different days.
  • On each plate; 20 reps each of the following standard curve copy numbers: 30, 10, 3, 1

Master mix calcs (Google Sheet): 201600121 – qPCR RLOv DNA Helicase Promega LoD-1

Plate layout, cycling params, etc can be seen in the qPCR Report (see Results below).

qPCR Report (PDF): Sam_2016-01-25 10-48-06_CC009827.pdf
qPCR Data File (CFX96): Sam_2016-01-25 10-48-06_CC009827.pcrd

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