Sample ID – RLO+/RLOv- Samples for XenoCal Prophage Portal qPCRs

Earlier today I identified a bunch of samples that will be used to test out the XenoCal prophage portal primers to see if it’s present in the withering syndrome bacteria (RLO) or in the wither syndrome phage (RLOv). However, my search showed that we didn’t have sufficient samples that were RLO+/RLOv-.

I contacted Carolyn and she provided me with a spreadsheet summarizing the 2nd black abalone withering syndrome challenge. This data has samples that are known to be RLO+ (via qPCR – data is in spreadsheet) and should be RLOv- (will have to verify via qPCR before proceeding).

Google Sheet: MAIN data summary- black abalone 2nd study NovĀ  19 2012 for stats with question re trial 2 slides

It looks like the 08:13 accessions are all RLO+. I will track down these samples and verify they are RLOv- before proceeding with the XenoCal prophage portal qPCRs.

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