DNA Isolation – Black Abalone 2nd Experiment 08:13 Accessions

Oddly, I was unable to find any DNA for the 08:13 samples that should have been previously qPCR’d for RLO.

Instead, I tracked down the EtOH-preserved digestive gland (DG) tissues from when these were initially sampled. The box contained both of the “QPCR” tissue samples, however, many of them had dried out. This fact had already been denoted on the outside of the box and on the tubes.

Finding these samples is a bit strange. It’s odd because if someone had performed qPCR analysis on these 08:13 samples, the DNA should’ve come from either of the two “QPCR” tissue samples; but, looking at the vials, it seems like no tissue has been removed from any of the tubes…

Additionally, despite the fact that the spreadsheet Carolyn provided me with the other day indicating that the 08:13 samples are from the 2nd black abalone experiment, the label on this box indicates that these are from the 1st black abalone experiment… Despite this, I’m fairly certain these are indeed from Experiment 2, as these accession numbers have never been brought up before in any of Lisa’s extensive work on the 1st black abalone experiment.

I extracted DNA using the QIAmp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit (Qiagen) from the following samples. DNA was eluted with 100μL of Buffer ATE and quantified on the Roberts Lab Qubit3.0 (ThermoFisher) using 1μL.



Google Sheet: 20160329_DNA_isolation_08:13_subset

Will run qPCRs (WSN1, RLOv DNA helicase, and XenoCal prophage portal) on these samples tomorrow.

DNA has been stored in an existing box in the full-sized -20C freezer in FSH240 and the label on the box has been updated to include these samples.

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