Data Aggregation – Black Abalone qPCR Data for RLOv DNA helicase, WSN, & XC Prophage Portal Genes

Carolyn & Stand Langevin wanted some additional qPCR data for the three gene targets listed above from the 1st and 2nd black abalone experiments. I had previously aggregated dated for withering syndrome (WSN1) from the 1st black abalone experiment. Additionally, I ran qPCRs with RLOv DNA helicase and XC prophage portal genes on the black abalone samples from the 1st and 2nd experiments.

Below, is the mean Ct (Cq) and mean copy number (not applicable for XC prophage portal gene, since we don’t have a standard curve developed for this target yet) for each of the samples – sorted by abalone experiment, followed by sample accession number.

The quick summary is:

  • No phage (RLOv DNA helicase) detected in samples from 2nd black abalone experiment.
  • All but two samples (06:6-44 and 07:12-18) are positive for XC prophage portal gene.
  • Other than the 2nd black abalone experiment samples, all are positive for all three gene targets (except the two exceptions noted above).

Will email data/info to Carolyn and Stan.

I will also add this info to Lisa’s Google Sheet: Black Abalone: Expt 1 – WS & Phage. This sheet is a comprehensive collection of all the data accumulated (including histology scores, abalone gene targets, abalone morphology, etc) from the 1st abalone experiment.


Google Sheet: 20160425_black_ab_qPCR_gene_summaries

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