DNA Extraction & Quantification- Ava Withering Syndrome Transmission Study Water Filters

DNA was extracted from filters using the Qiagen DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit (spin column protocol). Filters were incubated in 400uL of Buffer AL (twice the volume in the Qiagen protocol in order to completely coat the filters) and 50uL of Proteinase K (twice the volume in the Qiagen protocol) at 56C O/N. After incubation, 400uL (twice the volume in the Qiagen protocol) of 100% EtOH was added to each tube and vortexed thoroughly. The supernatant was transferred to the Qiagen spin columns and the Qiagen protocol was followed. Samples were eluted with 100uL of Buffer AE.

After extraction, the samples were quantified using the Roberts Lab Qubit 3.0 (Life Technologies) using the Qubit dsDNA HS reagents. Used 1μL of each sample.

The list of samples are listed below.


Concentrations are very low for both samples. This may, or may not, be expected, depending on volume of water filtered, where it was collected from, etc.

Raw Qubit Readout (Google Sheet): 20160818_DNA_quant_Qubit_Ava_abalone_WS
Master spreadsheet for these, and future, samples for this project (Google Sheet): Ava WS Transmission DNA Extractions

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