PCR – pCR2.1/OsHV-1_ORF117 Colony Screens

Performed PCR with M13 vector primers on the two colonies that grew from yesterday’s transformation.

Master mix calcs:

2x Apex Red Master PCR Mix: 33uL
M13 forward: 1.5uL
M13 reverse: 1.5uL
H2O: 29.7uL

Added 20uL to each PCR tube (0.2mL PCR strip tubes).

Bacteria was collected from each colony with a sterile 10uL pipet tip, which was used to streak on a separate LB Amp100 plate and then introduce bacteria to the appropriate PCR tube.

Cycling params (PTC-200 MJ Research):

1 cycle:

95C – 10mins

30 cycles:

95C – 15s
55C – 15s
72C – 90s

1 cycle:

72C – 10mins

PCR reactions were run on a 1% agarose 1xTBE gel + EtBr.

5uL of O’GeneRuler DNA Ladder Mix was loaded for sizing.




Well, this might seem promising, due to the intensity of that band (~1000bp). A band of that size was also produced the last time, ableit with much less intensity.

The very bright, 1000bp band generated from Colonies 1 (left) and 2 (right) is not the expected size. Based on this paper (Detection of undescribed ostreid herpesvirus 1 (OsHV-1) specimens from Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas. Martenot et al. 2015), the insert size should be ~1300bp (Tim Green indicated he used the primers listed in the paper to clone ORF117).

However, there is a less bright band just above 1500bp. Oddly, this would be the expected size for this PCR (1300bp insert + 200bp of vector sequence from the M13 primers). The lower intensity is discouraging, though, because this indicates that M13 primers are preferentially binding whatever is producing that 1000bp band.

Regardless, I’ve already inoculated two liquid cultures to grow up over night. I’ll perform a plasmid isolation on them tomorrow morning. Hopefully they actually yield some plasmid DNA to do some work with, unlike last time.

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