DNA Isolation – Ava Withering Syndrome Transmission Study Tissues

Isolated DNA from 17 red abalone digestive gland tissue samples.

Tissue was weighed, minced with a razor blade, and transferred to 2mL snap cap tube containing 1mL of InhibtEX Buffer.

DNA was extracted using the QIAmp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit (Qiagen) following the manufacturer’s protocol with the following options:

Minced tissue was incubated at 70C O/N.

These samples were actually incubated O/N on 20171012. I dropped the rack containing these tubes after the initial incubation and these tubes popped open and spilled.

Since I used all of the tissue, I have nothing to go back to. I’ve attempted to recover as much of the remaining supernatant in each of these tubes. I brought the volume of each tube up to 600mL with Inhibitex Buffer and proceeded with the isolations.

Followed “human DNA analysis” protocol (to maximize sample recovery)
Eluted DNA with 100μL Buffer ATE
Sample information is in this spreadsheet (Google Sheet): ava_abalone_master_extraction_list

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