DNA Quantification – Ava’s RLO Trasmission Samples

Quantified DNA extractions from Ava’s samples that I isolated earlier this month, as well as some older samples that I hadn’t quantified yet.

Used the Roberts Lab Qubit 3.0 and the Qubit dsDNA BR Kit (broad range). Used 5uL of template for the first and third groups and 1uL of template for the second group (see Results below).

All data was added to the master extraction spreadsheet (Google Sheet): ava_abalone_master_extraction_list


20171101_ava_rlo_quantification_qubit_01 (Google Sheet)

20171101_ava_rlo_quantification_qubit_02 (Google Sheet)

20171101_ava_rlo_quantification_qubit_03 (Google Sheet)

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