qPCR – Pinto Abalone DNA with WSN1 and RLOv DNA Helicase

Ran qPCRs using both WSN1 and RLOv DNA Helicase primers on the pinto abalone DNA isolated earlier today, as well as one additional sample that Sean Bennett had previously isolated DNA from: 15:6-26E

RLOv helicase standard curve is from 20151106.

WSN1 standard curve is p18RK7 from 20170703

All samples were run in duplicate.

Master mix calcs (Google Sheet): 20171226 – qPCR Pinto WSN1 & RLOv DNA Helicase.

Plate layout, cycling params, etc. can be seen in the qPCR Reports (see Results below).


RLOv helicase qPCR Report (PDF): Sam_2017-12-26 13-19-51_CC009827_RLOv_helicase.pdf
RLOv helicase qPCR File (CFX): Sam_2017-12-26 13-19-51_CC009827_RLOv_helicase.pcrd

WSN1 qPCR Report (PDF): Sam_2017-12-26 13-19-51_CC009827_WSN1.pdf
WSN1 qPCR File (CFX): Sam_2017-12-26 13-19-51_CC009827_WSN1.pcrd

Both standard curves are acceptable (see images below).

No amplification with either primer/probe set in the following samples:

  • 15:30-01
  • 15:30-04

I believe these are both “Control” samples (i.e. unexposed) and no amplification was expected.

All other samples amplify. See qPCR Reports for copy numbers.

RLOv Helicase Amplification & Standard Curves

WSN1 Amplification & Standard Curves

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