Cart Repair


We’ve had a disabled cart sitting in lab for months that has locked up wheels and all of the bolts attaching the wheels to the cart are so rusted, the bolts and nuts cannot be separated by normal means (believe me, I’ve tried numerous methods over the last few months to no avail). Since we’re planningĀ a significant lab cleanup next week, having this cart repaired will be good, so that it’s not sitting upside down in the lab any more AND fixing it will provide us with a second cart for cleanup day!

In any case, I ended up having to drill out the rusted bolts/nuts on three of the four wheels. After that, I put on the new wheel hardware and it’s good as new!

Some before and after pics below.






Lab Cleanup

We initiated a massive lab reorganization and clean up today. Drawers and cabinets were numbered. All glassware was transferred to room 236 and consolidated. Chemicals were consolidated and organized. Here are some pics of what we managed to get done during the 1.5hrs we spent in the lab:

BEFORE – Room 240 glassware

AFTER – Room 240 glassware

BEFORE – Chemicals 1

AFTER – Chemicals 1

BEFORE – Chemicals 2


AFTER – Chemicals 2

Discarded chemicals.