DNA Extraction & Quantification – Ava Withering Syndrome Transmission Study Tissues

Isolated DNA from 35 tissue samples provided by Ava. Presumably, the tissues were digestive gland and I believe they were preserved in ethanol. The list of samples are listed below.

DNA was extracted using the QIAmp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit (Qiagen) following the manufacturer’s protocol with the following options:

  • Samples were briefly homogenized (due to their stiffness resulting from ethanol fixation) in the InhibitEX Buffer using disposable plastic pestles.
  • Homogenized tissue was incubated at 95C to maximize cell lysis
  • Followed “human DNA analysis” protocol for remainder of protocol (to maximize sample recovery)
  • Eluted DNA with 100μL Buffer ATE

After extraction, the samples were quantified using the Roberts Lab Qubit 3.0 (Life Technologies) using the Qubit ds DNA BR reagents. Used 1μL of each sample.

Samples were stored at 4C in FSH240 in the boxes “Ava WS Transmission DNA Extractions by Sam Box 2″. See the master spreadsheet at the bottom of this post for specific sample locations within this box.


Raw Qubit Readout (Google Sheet): 20160817_DNA_quant_Qubit_Ava_abalone_WS

Master spreadsheet for these, and future, samples for this project (Google Sheet): Ava WS Transmission DNA Extractions