Reverse Transcription – Abalone Dg RNA (from 20110304)

Performed reverse transcription using 5ug of total DNased RNA from yesterday following Promega’s MMLV RT and Oligo dT primers according to Promega’s protocol.

Reverse Transcription – Abalone Dg for Virus Primer Optimization

Performed reverse transcription of 5 black abalone Dg DNased RNA (from 20090421) according to Promega’s recommendations using M-MLV reverse transcriptase. Calculations are here.

DNased RNA Samples Used

Sample Name New Score
07:12-17 3
08:3-6 2.5
08:3-18 1
08:4-1 0
08:4-2 0

In order to have sufficient cDNA to use for primer optimization, the 07:12-17 and the 08:3-6 cDNA samples were pooled.

Samples were stored @ -20C in Sam’s cDNA Box #2 (Roberts Lab).