Nice to meet you, I am #BigData

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I am a qualitative data collection platform that, in addition to being a tool for specifying research data, facilitates decision making for an already defined objective.

Where do I get information?

In the digital age, social networks give a significant contribution to my platform due to the large number of users that access, thanks to the interaction that occurs between them such as the collection and segmentation of information.

Do you want to know more about me?

I invite you to read the article What are the threats and potentials of big data for qualitative research? by Kathy A. Mills, published in 2017 in the journal Qualitative Research, where she invites us to ask ourselves: What are the risks we have in the framework of the development of #BigData? Is #BigData an open platform?

Whenever we talk about #BigData, it is very important to refer to the role played by codes of ethics, which refer to transparency and the correct use of data in research.

Assuming that the published data is accurate or objective is an error. My data can be manipulated, biased or misinterpreted.

Contribution of # Quali-Rangers

The digital era requires us to modify not only the way in which data is collected, but also its protection and classification; However, it is important that there are filters that also ensure that my data is not manipulated by third parties.

Have you ever used my repositories? Leave me your comments, I’ll be reading.


Mills, KA (2018), What are the threats and potentials of big data for qualitative research?, Qualitative Research, 18 (6), 591–603,

Dara Natahel Medina Valle, twitter: @daranatahel
Valeria Rubí Guzmán Barragán, twitter: @ValeriaGuzBa